About Us

For 50+ years and counting, the legacy of Mrs. Bess Downs Jenkins, of Pine Bluff, is serving the needs of Arkansans with developmental disabilities and their families.


Mrs. Bess Downs Jenkins, of Pine Bluff, founded the Arkansas Society for Crippled Children in 1926. As the wife of surgeon John S. Jenkins, who specialized in healing crippled bodies, she saw the need in Arkansas for a program to provide care and education to children with physical and developmental challenges.

Upon her death, she left a large part of her estate to the school for children with disabilities. These funds, along with matching donations, provided for the construction of the Jenkins Memorial Center, which began operating in 1968. The Center continues to operate with the support of the Board of Directors of Jenkins Memorial Center and Jenkins Industries, Inc. (formerly the Arkansas Society for Crippled Children, Inc.)

Jenkins Memorial Center

(870) 534-2035

Jenkins Memorial Center is a day school, therapeutic center, and parent agency for programs that provide services for persons with disabilities from birth through adulthood.

The Center is licensed by the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Developmental Disabilities division to provide Education and Training Services for clients in our preschool and adult service programs. All professional staff meet Arkansas Department of Education certification and licensure requirements in their fields.

Jenkins Industries, Inc.

(870) 536-0475

Jenkins Industries is a non-profit organization serving adults with disabilities and a licensed Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP).

For the adult with disabilities, we provide jobs, a paycheck, opportunities for vocational training and retraining, and possible competitive employment.

For the Employer, we provide careful workmanship at an economical cost, as well as thorough and efficient completion of jobs.

Contracted services are a vital part of Jenkins Industries. These contracts provide training for our individuals, as well as revenue needed to continue our services. Our contracted services, include: direct mail, packaging, assembly, light machine work and catering.

Contact us today to learn how Jenkins Industries can provide value to your business. When you work with Jenkins Industries, you’re providing a public service where EVERYONE WINS.

Jenkins Housing, Inc.

(870) 879-0311

Chapel Pines is a residential facility located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, that serves individuals with developmental disabilities who are over the age of 18. Serving both men and women, Chapel Pines assists individuals with all aspects of daily living, self-care, self-direction, self-sufficiency, language skills and independent living.

Dedicated to quality of life, we provide a safe and nurturing residential environment and provide opportunities for our clients to develop and learn new skills. Chapel Pines consists of two ten-bed homes located on the grounds of Jenkins Secondary School in Watson Chapel. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference in your loved one’s life.


Douglas Freeman – Executive Director

Katy Carnes-Controller

Renae Allen – Coordinator of Adult Services

 – Coordinator of Waiver Services

Lonnie Henderson – Administrator of Jenkins Housing ICF

Rufus Dennis-Secondary Supervisor

Laura Sparks – Pre-school Coordinator, 0-3 years

Varnell Wallace – Pre-school Coordinator, 3-5 years

Board of Directors

Amber Harvey, President
Melissa Watkins, Vice President
Tommy Fowler, Treasurer
Jada Hart-Secretary
James Word
Carrie Camp
Marilyn Carter
Sue Cox
Kim Smith
Daisha Thompson
Irene Holcomb
Barrie Hardin
Mark Townsend